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        Conference and Meeting Facilities


        The LCC offers conference and meeting facilities fully equipped to its members and non-members. With the necessary technical support.


        About the Conference and Meeting Facilities

        The Lima Chambers of Commerce Convention Center,is located in the centric distric of Jesus Maria, with an easy Access from all the poins of Lima, we have the correct spaces to cover of your events necesities , we count with the most modern structure, wide spaces, and comfort to cover all the requirements that your Company needs to development your event.


        Book with us the space that you need for your next event, our convention center count with more so 12 diferents styles of venues, we count with:




        Samuel Gleiser Auditorium

        We offer you the ideal auditorium for your different types of events, such as: congress, conferences, seminars,workshop, presentations, product launches, forums, simposiums, coctels graduations and any other type of business events such as lunch, breakfast , dinners.

        This space has a mezzanine, and a stage also a VIP ( waiting room 8 pax) where your panelist and Exhibitors can wait before the beginning of your events.

        This is our biggest auditorium , the máximum capacity is 500 pax ( set up in chairs).


        This space can be devided in two so we can adapt two your necesitties

        Carlos Ferreyros Auditorium

        This large auditorium is a modern  space that can become into a, foyer ideal for the recepcion of all your guests, a coctel lounge,  a convention centers( maxium capacity 15 stands), conference room, and any other kind of bussiness event.


        Maxium capacity 200 pax in the Auditorium ( chairs set up).

        Rómulo Ferrero  Auditorium and  Adaptable Rooms

        This adaptable room , can uses as one or divide by four ,( all the division ar sound proof) this auditorium can be used as conference rooms, trainings rooms, worshop rooms, each individual room count with multimedia equipment, audio equipments and wifi (multimedia equipment not include in the cost of the rent of the auditorum).



        Maximum capacity 200 pax in set up in auditórium; when is rent individual the máximum capacity is 50 pax ( chair set up).

        Meeting Rooms

         We have the most comfortable space ideal for meetings with your clients, interview , and important reunions with the board of your Company; you can add the services of catering and multimedia equipment, máximum capacity of 10 to 12 pax

        Computer Room

        We count with a modern computer lab, all our computers are from the last generation , the ideal space to train your employees.

        The Foyer Carlos Ferreyros and the Foyer Romulo Ferrero

        The Hall Carlos Ferreyros and The Hall Romulo Ferrero can be used for reception áreas, convention área , coffee halls or used as conventions halls,


        Maximum capacity 15  Stands (3x2 mts.)(metric system.)

        Maximum capacity as coctel area 300 pax.

        Garden Venues

        The Garden Venues of our Convention Center, are the most convenient to celebrate the anniversary of your Company, the launch of your Brand, bussiness cocktail, Graduation Ceremonies and more of your bussiness events necessities.


        Additional services


        Laptop rental and Projector

        Rent of televisions as screen



        Recording service and / or closed circuit
        Rental of LED screens.
        Call Center Service.
        Mails shipping service.
        Technical support for the audio visual equipment.
        Valet Parking.



        Questions of Interest

        What is the basic information required to book an event?

        Company details

        Date and time of the event

        Number of people

        What kind of events can be performed in the LCC?
        Corporate Events: Conferences, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Graduation Ceremonies, Company Anniversaries, Fairs, etc.

        No social events are allowed.


        Does the LCC allow the admission of multimedia equipment or food and beverages?
        No multimedia equipment or food (coffee breaks, cocktails and lunches, among others) may be brought into our facilities.  Any service must be requested to the Events Area.


        Is there any penalty for the cancellation of events?
        If the cancellation is from 15 days prior to the event there is a penalty of 40% of the total amount.

        What is the payment policy?
        The payment policy is: 50% upon accepting the quotation and the due balance must be paid off 72 hours prior to the event.


        Rates and Capacity

        Download from here capaciades and rates


        Contact Person

        Names E-Mail Phone Position
        Belinda Carrasco


        994 202 810

        Sales Executive
        Karina Castro


        Events Assistant
        Jennifer Montalván


        Chief of Event Services



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