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        Customer Service Associate Centre


        We are a group of professionals who will advise on the use of its services and benefits, providing a personalized and quality care.



        Assistance on how to use the membership services and benefits.

        Assistance to all the member´s questions and doubts.  

        Sign up to the LCC’s main events.



        How can I access the membership site platform?
        The membership site platform is located on the top right of our website: sign in with your username, password and picture code.


        How can I obtain a username and password to access the membership site platform and learn about my benefits and services as a member?
        Contact our Account Executives of the LCC’s Customer Service Associate Centre in order to obtain your username, password, membership benefits and services, among others.  Contact us by telephone call, face to face meetings, or by emails.


        Where are located the LCC’s offices?
        The Lima Chamber of Commerce has two main offices where you can find an Account Executive who will assist you with your questions and doubts:


        Headquarters Office:
        Av. Giuseppe Garibaldi No 396, Jesús Maria


        Callao’s Office:
        Av. Saenz Peña N° 807, Callao


        How can I access to the Business Directory?
        Access to the Business Directory through the membership site platform or by the link located on the top right of the LCC’s website.


        Where can I check my pending and paid membership fees?
        Obtain updated information on your membership fees through the membership site platform or through the LCC’s debt collection department. Telephones: 219-1639 / 219-1704.



        Account Officer E-Mail Phone Position Office
        Claudia Sanchez Vidal 219-1507 Account Officer Callao
        Katherine Porras Rengifo 219-1645 Account Officer Los Olivos
        Elizabeth Rodriguez

        219-1511 Account Officer Santa Anita
        Julissa Romero Díaz

        219-1526 Account Officer Jesús María
        Leyla Ruiz Rosales

        219-1529 Account Officer Jesús María
        Rut Ochante Oré

        219-1530 Account Officer Jesús María
        Norah Montesinos Obregón

        219-1533 Account Officer Jesús María
        Jacqueline Sagástegui Alva

        219-1534 Account Officer Jesús María
        Luz Valderrama Ventura

        219-1535 Account Officer Jesús María
        Anjelyne Torres Vilcas

        219-1536 Account Officer Jesús María
        Carolina Wong Reátegui

        219-1844 Account Officer Jesús María



        Lima Chamber of Commerce CCL - Giuseppe Garibaldi Avenue No. 396, Jesús María. Telephone: (511) 463-3434 / Los Olivos Office: Carlos Izaguirre Avenue No. 754 - Los Olivos T. 219 1843 / Gamarra Office: Jr. Gamarra No. 653, Of. 601 (Gallery Plaza) - La Victoria T. 219 1840 / Callao Office: Sáenz Peña Avenue No. 807 – 809, Callao. T. 219 1841 / Commercial Air Center Office: Elmer Faucett Avenue n / n, Of. 221, Model "A" T. 219 1841 / Santa Anita Office: Los Eucaliptos Avenue No. 947, Santa Anita. T. 219-1511


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