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        Enterprise Europe Network – EEN



        WHAT IS THE EEN?

        The Enterprise Europe Network - EEN - brings together business support organizations, such as chambers of commerce, business associations, research and technological centers, development agencies, located in more than 50 countries and all connected through powerful databases.

        With almost 600 members, the EEN assists SMEs in finding business and innovation partners within the European Union and opening new market opportunities.



        1. Support in the process of internationalization.

        If you are thinking of entering the European market and need to find contacts and potential partners, the EEN will help you find them. The database contains thousands of company profiles, which can become potential partners and match your corporate interests.

        On the other hand, by entering your company profile in the EEN database, you will receive information about companies that might be interested in the same market as you and we can put you in contact with them and facilitate networking.

        Also, the EEN is present in the largest business fairs and exhibitions in Europe and in other specialized events in which you can meet potential partners in person and we can help you to organize these visits.

        2. Help in the process of innovation through technology transfer support and information.

        If your company needs a certain technology or innovation to improve your business, or a commercial application to a technological development, the EEN can help. Its database contains thousands of profiles of technology developers including research and technological centers and universities that may become your future partners in research and innovation.



        Join the world's largest business network with more of 23 000 business and research profiles and which is updated every week.

        Possibility to be in contact with thousands of companies and research and technology centers across Europe.

        Management and assistance in creating business agendas.


        HORIZON 2020

        The Lima Chamber of Commerce, the Embassy of the European Delegation in Peru and CONCYTEC organized the presentation and workshop of the cooperation programme Horizon 2020, held on October 9th and 10th 2014.


        WHAT IS HORIZON 2020?

        Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation Programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available for financing projects of diverses areas, in three sections:

        Excellent science: Scholarships for high level researchers, future technology investments and training for researchers.Industrial leadership: Biotechnology, ICT and space technology, access to risk finance and support innovation in SME.Societal challenges: Health, demographic change and wellbeing, food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and bioeconomic, secure, clean and efficient energy, smart, green and integrated transport, climate action, environment, resources efficiency and raw materials.

        Although this program is designed for SMEs located in European Union, the participation of partners from countries out of the European space is required and suggested. Peru has close business relationships with European Union country members, so companies, Technological centers and Peruvian researchers can access to this programme as members of a research consortium.



        Spread the Horizon 2020 programme information and financing opportunities in academic and business sectors.

        Understand better the European system of subsidies and financing programmes, areas and priority sections.

        Strengthen capacities of networking and building alliances and partnership agreements.

        Learn all procedures, steps and method to be followed for the preparation of a proposal and interaction with European researchers and how to participate in a public call of proposal.



        Training and Workshop of Horizon 2020 Cooperation programme

        Download Programme HERE


        Slides of Workshop Horizon 2020
        Cooperación con la Unión Europea en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

        Download Slide HERE
        Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation

        Download Slide HERE
        ALCUE NET: Investigación y Desarrollo en LatinoAmérica: del 7PM al H2020

        Download Slide HERE
        ALCUE NET: Gestión y Seguimiento de un Proyecto

        Download Slide HERE
        Coordinate Research Opportunities around ICT and Horizon 2020 challenges

        Download Slide HERE
        Cooperación Internacional: Oficina de Enlace con UE. Ministerio de Educación y Cultura

        Download Slide HERE
        ERANet LAC: Joint Innovation and Reserach Activities

        Download Slide HERE
        Horizon 2020: Oportunidades de Financiamiento y participación en Horizonte 2020

        Download Slide HERE
        Horizonte 2020: Elaboración de una Propuesta

        Download Slide HERE
        Impacto de la cosecha de palmeras en los Bosques Tropicales

        Download Slide HERE
        INCONTACT 2020: Supporting International Cooperation under H2020

        Download Slide HERE
        Vaccines against helminth parasites of livestock of economic and/or public health significance

        Download Slide HERE
        TRIAL PERU: Calves - Vaccination with CL1

        Download Slide HERE




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