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        Family-Owned Companies Development Centre


        The Lima Chamber of Commerce is the Peruvian leading business association which provides analysis, reflection and communication between the company, family and property where entrepreneurs will be able to strengthen their business direction and management, implement their ventures and create an important business network allowing them to become more competitive in the national and international market.




        Corporate Governance

        Develop and implement of a “Corporate Family Governance System” that will allow an appropriate management and direction of family-owned companies.

        Family Protocol

        Assistance for the Family Council

        Assistance for the Board of Directors

        Development and Implementation of the Strategic Plan


        Business Management System

        Strengthen the management in different areas of the organization under specialized assistance in order to achieve greater impact on business results.

        Organizational Development Management

        Human Capital Management

        Commercial Management and Marketing

        Financial Management

        Information Technology Management


        Business Training and Networking

        Strengthening the skills and abilities of the family-owned company members through training programmes and encourage the generation of business opportunities by exchanging ideas and experiences among entrepreneurs.

        Diploma Courses for Family-Owned Companies

        Master Lectures

        Seminars/workshops and courses: leadership, conflict management, entrepreneurship, succession processes, heritage management.

        Forums and Business Dialogue Roundtables

        Family-Owned Company Summit



        To promote theoretical and applied research on the dynamics of family-owned companies in Peru in order to disseminate the business experiences and strengthen knowledge and services to provide practical solutions designed to specific needs.

        Family Dynamics

        Management and Direction

        Management System

        Family Conflicts


        ABOUT US


        The Family-Owned Companies Deveopment Centre was implemented as a result of the “State Systems Development and Management in Family-Owned Companies in Peru” which was carried out by the Lima Chamber of Commerce under an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank from 2010 to 2013, and contributed to the growth and stability of more than 1,000 small and medium-sized companies in our country.

        We aim to attend the problems and needs of Family-Owned Companies in Peru with professional training, consulting assistance and research according to the reality of small and medium-sized companies in order to contribute to their development and sustainability.


        Small and medium-sized companies which are managed and/or directed by members of one or more families depending on its generational level.



        This is a programme carried out by the LCC under an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and is financed by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), in order to improve development and sustainability of small and medium-sized family-owned companies in Peru.


        To develop and implement a corporate governance model that is adapted to small and medium-sized family-owned companies’ reality.

        Intervention Approach

        The model applied is geared to initiating or improving the family-owned companies’ professionalism at a strategic level through the development of the following stages:

        Research.- Interviews and/or workshops to all members of the family-owned company and important executives from the organization in order to obtain a better understanding their reality.

        Diagnosis.- Analysis and evaluation of the family-owned companies’s current state system according to the model’s conceptual framework: vision, leadership, and family culture. Main themes are proposed to work in the Family Council sessions

        Debate and Consensus.- Establishment of the governing bodies: Family Council and Steering Committee. Assistance will be provided during the debate and discussion regarding the company’s main business issues.

        Family Protocol Drafting.- Establishment of the family protocol which will define and regulate the relationship between the family and the company.

        Assistance for the Family Council.- Advise regarding the implementation of the protocol policies and main function of the Family Council.

        Assistance for the Board of Directors.- Advice in carrying out its functions as a strategic body. Implementation of good corporate governance practices.

        Strategic Plan Drafting.- Business’s diagnosis. Defining strategies and operating plans.

        Strategic Implementation Plan.- Advice regarding the actions’ development on the strategic and operating levels.


        Family-Owned Company Programme’s Components

        Promotion and Awareness

        Conferences will be held in order to raise participants’ awareness on the impact caused by the establishment of a corporate governance model in family-owned companies. It will be supported by the dissemination of important concepts and experiences with the main aim of encouraging interest in companies so they will apply an improvement process in their corporate governance systems.

        Business Training
        Seminars and workshops will be carried out with the main objetive of strengthening the direction and management of family-owned companies by providing helpful tools and practices for corporate governance in accordance with their business context. This will contribute to a system’s establishment which will associate a leadership style and business policies based on the family’s culture identification.

        Technical Assistance
        We will perform an assistance programme designed and adapted to family-owned companies aiming to develop a system of corporate governance in accordance with their business situation. For this purpose we will assign a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals.  

        Systematization and Dissemination
        The LCC’s business assistance platform will provide guidance and advice to family-owned companies. The programme’s results will be disseminated through different activities which will encourage the participation of other family-owned companies.

        Programme’s Results

        Results between Components I and II: Promotion and Awareness, Training.

        More than 2,000 business leaders were trained in the main issues and tools of business management and direction performed in conferences, seminars, forums and workshops. Among the trainees we find companies’ founders, shareholders, directors, and senior executives from more than 1,000 family-owned companies.

        Contribution to suppliers’ offer: 78 professionals have strengthened their knowledge and skills in assist family-owned companies with the “Corporate Governance System” considering the main techniques and tools.

        Component III Results: Technical Assistance

        More than 100 companies have begun or have strengthened their Corporate Governance Models in accordance with their business context.

        More than 100 families have established a “Family Council” where their policies and decisions are implemented through a “Family Protocol”.

        More than 50 companies have established a “Board of Directors” or “Steering Committee” where good governance practices and business management and direction tools are applied, such as the strategic plan.

        Component IV Results: Systematization and Dissemination.

        Drafting of Manuals: (i) Corporate Governance Manual for Entrepreneur and (ii) Training Manual for Corporate Governance Consultants.

        Launching of the “LCC Family-Owned Companies Development Centre” with the aim of ensuring the continuity of the programme in order to benefit more family-owned companies with effective intervention models and services that will contribute to their development and sustainability.

        Programme’s Achievements

        All families that were assisted have defined their vision as Family-Owned Company. Their members have gone through a process of reflection and consensus in order to define the family’s purposes as a human group taking into consideration the interests and expectations of each member.

        All families that were assisted have a governance structure suited to their business context. They have a clear knowledge of its functions and the importance of the strategic role that each component has within their organizational structures and how they can add value to the development and growth of the business.

        Over 90% of families that have established a family council improved interpersonal relationships between members and have learned to communicate with clarity and accepting differences. As well they have learned to take decisions by consensus.

        Over 80% of families have successfully implemented their family protocol. As a result they have a better performance in their organization and are able to prevent or diminish crises applying appropriate tools for conflicts management and effective communication between the family members.

        More than 90% of the family members who participate in the Board of Directors or the Steering Committee have strengthened their strategic abilities and implement good corporate governance practices.

        More than 85% of the companies that have implemented a Strategic Plan have improved their core business process and achieved the objectives for each area of the organization with a progressive and gradual impact on the economic and strategic annual results.


        Strengthening the strategic management and direction system of the company through the establishment of governing bodies and the implementation of suitable practices according to the business context in order to optimize financial resources and generate better conditions for promoting investment and the reducing capital acquisition costs.

        Simplify transgeneration exchange with a strategic vision of the family-owned company in order to adapt towards changes and demands imposed to the business environment and the member’s interests.

        Prevent family crises through an appropriate conflict management and effective communication between family members. This will contribute to a suitable organizational development and generation harmonic coexistence.

        Developing abilities needed for a modern and effective management taking into account the most appropriate roles and functions to be fulfilled by the family members in the organization.

        Strengthen the networking with the participating companies in order to promote and increase business opportunities and development of new ventures.




        The Lima Chamber of Commerce works with a professional team of specialized consulting firms and individual consultants who are experts in assistance of governance systems and management of family-owned companies. These professionals work under the auspices of the LCC-IBD programme.

        Experiences with Family-Owned Companies

        Testimonial 1: Fernando Lanfranco

        The Lima Chamber of Commerce has an academic and practical experience. It has developed a Corporate Governance Model which has been implemented in over 100 companies. This model has the advantage of being flexible because it adapts to the family-owned company structure.

        Testimonial 2: James Florián

        The Family-Owned Company Programme has given me helpful tools in order to understand, handle and propose alternatives on how to bring together the reality, problems and needs of the family and the company.




        Provide the participants with knowledge, tools and skills needed to carry out their duties as professional consultants in the corporate governance field of small and medium-sized family-owned company.


        Consultants, advisors, professionals and executives from different fields who in their current positions offer assistance services to small and medium-sized family-owned companies.

        This course is aimed to professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the management of family-owned companies by providing useful tools and corporate governance practices according with the reality of small and medium-sized family-owned companies in Peru. In addition it is taken into account the dynamics of the family-owned company that are regulated through the family protocol. This is an instrument which promotes the establishment of a governance system in order to associate an unique leadership style and business policies based on the identification of the family’s culture.


        The methodology is framed within a teaching and learning process that achieve an optimum combination between theory and practice: Coaching Programme and Training Programme, by using appropriate tools and techniques to fulfill the proposed objectives.

        The Training Programme includes three key learning modules for the appropriate training of the participants. Within these modules it is display important aspects of the “Family” and the “Company”, techniques and tools that the “Consultant” must know in order to provide the service. During this process the exhibitor becomes a facilitator of the concepts and techniques applied in a series of cases and dynamics designed to understand the main themes of a corporate governance system in a family-owned company.

        The Coaching Programme provides the consultant the opportunity to implement the knowledge and techniques learned in the previous programme where he or she will be able to experience different consultancy processes, from the “Customer Training Stage” up to the “Assistance Service Stage” according to the size and generational level of the family-owned company assisted.


        Attendance Certificate issued by the LCC with support from the Inter-American Development Bank and the Multilateral Investment Fund.

        Participation in the Consultant Training Programme in Corporate Governance that will provide the opportunity to join the consulting team of the LCC’s Family-Owned Companies Development Centre, after an evaluation conducted by the consultative committee.

        Learning Modules


        Family-Owned Company Dynamics.

        Family-Owned Company Diagnosis.

        The professionalization process of the Family-Owned Company.

        Governing bodies: Family Assembly and the Family Council.

        Family Protocol.

        Generational communication and the succession process in the Family-Owned Company.

        Workshop or case study related to the Family Protocol and Succession Plan.


        Corporate Governance concept

        Corporate Governance structure in a Family-Owned Company

        Corporate Governance model for small and medium-sized family-owned companies

        Good Corporate Governance practices in small and medium-sized family-owned companies

        The role of the Board of Directors: Main functions

        Management styles in family-owned companies

        The role of directors who are not family members

        Management and direction instruments

        Development and implementation processes of a Corporate Governance model for small and medium-sized family-owned companies

        Case study



        Consultant roles

        The assistance process

        Professional skills applied to the relationship between the consultant and the family-owned company

        How can we help to add value to the Family-Owned Company’s vision?

        How can we help to improve communication and interpersonal relationships among the members of the Family-Owned Company?

        How can we generate confidence within the field of the Family-Owned Company?

        How can we help the Family-Owned Company to understand and resolve their conflicts?

        How can we help the Family Council?

        How can we strengthen relationships and teamwork between family generations?

        Consultant Profile and Resources

        Active listening techniques and communication: Appreciative dialogues among others



        Work Materials

        In order to facilitate the participants’ understanding and application of the topics discussed in classes, we provide them with designed didactic material that is aligned with the profile and needs of the target group.

        Additionally for the development of the classes and material is taken into account the application experience of the Corporate Governance Manual for small and medium-sized family-owned companies in the “Development of Governance and Management Systems in Family-Owned Companies in Peru Programme” that is executed by the LCC in agreement with the IDB.



        “Our experience with the Family-Owned Company Programme allowed us to design in an effective way our family protocol. It helped us to organize ourselves better and to see things clearly in order to achieve our objectives. I recommend the continuation of the programme because the professional team in charge provide a high-quality service.”

        Dolores Guevara de Lavalle, General Manager



        “The LCC’s Family-Owned Company Programme has given us a new and very interesting perspective to improve our behavior as a family and as entrepreneurs. I recommend this programme because in this modern world you need tools such as this one for the improvement of family relationships and the company’s survival.”

        Félix José Yapur Nakhoul, General Manager



         “Thanks to the Family-Owned Companty Programme we reached two of our objectives: crystallize our first protocol and set the parameters for a succession. We are very pleased with this experience.”

        Aurora Inés Anduaga Ganoza, General Manager



         “The support received was very good. With the support of the consulting team we completed our second Family Protocol. Good professionals and magnificent support from the LCC. We recommend that family-owned companies take advantage of this service.”

        Fernando Rodríguez Álvarez, President



        “Our experience with the Family-Owned Company Programme has been a great contribution to our growth as a family and business. It helped us to develop the protocol and have better established policies aligned to all the family members’ main objective. For this reason, I recommend the LCC’s services and its professional team who are always willing to help us.”

        Rubén Quiroz Manco – General Manager




        Third Notification for Participants 2013

        The programme is aimed to family-owned companies seeking to strengthen their management and direction business systems and to ensure their growth with future generations by achieving a balance between the organization prosperity and the harmonious development of the family and business interests. 



        The Lima Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have signed an agreement for technical cooperation funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), in order to develop and implement corporate governance systems in small and medium-sized family-owned companies in Peru supporting their improvement and long term sustainability.

        The programme implementation will take place through the following components:

        Promotion and Awareness

        Business Training

        Technical Assistance

        Systematization and Dissemination


        In the third component – Technical Assistance is planned to implement a designed and adapted programme towards the context of small and medium-sized family-owned companies taking into account the current family generation. The generational development considered the company’s founders as the first generation, their children as the second generation, grandchildren as the third and so on, whether or not each generation is involved in the management or ownership of the company.

        It is projected that 150 family-owned companies will be assisted. First they will be evaluated and qualified to verify that they meet the programme’s requirements– the Beneficiary Company Profile.

        The LCC works with a multidisciplinary consulting team of high-level consulting firms and corporate governance consultants in order to provide the services.


        Beneficiary Company Profile

        At least 3 years operating in the market

        Up to 3 families owning the company

        Annual sales from S/.1’000,000 to S/.45’000,000

        Be located in metropolitan Lima

        Must have at least 2 family members partners who work in company.



        To strengthen the management and direction in companies through the implementation of family and business policies that will contribute to their development and long term sustainability.  

        Prevent leadership succession crises by generating a more effective communication between the family-owned company members and by promoting consensus in the decision-making process.

        To establish the basis for transgeneration exchange with a strategic vision of the family-owned company regarding the family and business interests.

        To implement good corporate governance practices in order to optimize financial resources and achieve efficient risk management.

        To generate better conditions towards the company’s future in order to attract investment and decrease capital acquisitions costs.



        Companies which fulfill the programme’s requirements will be able to access to the following benefits:

        Free participation for all the family-owned company members to master lectures. A company-diagnosis regarding the current situation of the company’s governance system will be performed.   

        A specialized corporate governance consultant will visit you in order to assist the family-owned company members on main results of the company-diagnosis and then provide them with appropriate recommendations.

        Economic aid of 40% of the training courses on corporate governance and other related courses value. A preliminary diagnosis of the family-owned company will be carried out to complement the company-diagnosis. The consultant team will send a report with findings and recommendations.

        Economic aid of 40% of the assistance services’ value regarding corporate governance. The technical assistance process is carried carried out according to the generational level of the company and the needs identified in the preliminary diagnosis.

        Payment facilities for assistance services in which the company will be able to pay 40% of the investment at the beginning of the consultancy and the balance in three equal fees. The payment deadline will be agreed according to how long the service requested lasts, with the following intervals: monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. 

        Access to two free corporate governance assistance sessions during the year. This service will be provided after the technical assistance service has concluded by the consultants from the LCC’s Family-Owned Companies Development Centre.


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