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        LCC’s Business Training Centre




        Our Products and/or Services

        ·         Diploma Courses

        Our diploma courses fulfill the professional’s needs that are willing to assume new responsibilities and challenges within their organization.


        Specialization Programmes

        These programmes enable students to specialize in a specific industry of interest in just a few months.



        Advanced Assistance Programmes

        These programmes are aimed at managers and top officers willing to improve or update their knowledge on modern business management issues.



        It is a system designed for participants who are willing to receive training in a short time on a specific area of the company.


          In-House Courses

        Customized courses designed according to the company collaborators´ training needs.



        1.  What type of training programmes does the LCC offer?

        The Business Training Centre provides LCC’s members and no members with business management programmes:

        Diploma courses


        Specialization programmes

        In-house courses

        Advanced assistance programmes

        Integral programmes

        Virtual courses

        Language centre


        2.       What is a diploma course?

        It is an extended programme which aims to help in the training, updating and improvement of students for their development in their workplace in order to assume responsibilities within the different management areas in their organization. Our main goal is to train executives who are competent and capable of facing new challenges within their organization.

        The diploma course is composed of sequential modules which are focused on techniques, tools and foundations of business management on a chosen area.


        3.       How long do the diploma courses take?

        All courses take 120-hour to be completed and depending on the classes’ frequency they may last 5, 7, or 10 months.


        4.       What diploma courses does the LCC offer?

        The diploma courses are design to fulfill the workers’ needs in the area of interest in order to assume greater responsibilities in the short term.

        The diploma courses are focused on the following areas:





        Foreign Trade and Management

        Human Resources


        Management Assistant


        Small Sized Businesses 


        5.       What is the timetable of the diploma courses?

        Taking into consideration our students’ schedule we offer the diploma courses from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the following days:

        Monday and Wednesday

        Tuesday and Thursday


        For people who are unable to attend from Monday to Friday due to work commitments we offer diploma courses on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


        6.       What is the Business Integrated Project applied in the diploma courses?  

        The Business Integrated Project offers participants the opportunity to apply concepts received in the diploma courses to a real situation and can be used as future projects for their institutions.

        We hope this project goes beyond any final paper in a module considering that we expect it to address several topics discussed in the different modules of the diploma course.



        7.       Are the diploma courses graded?

        Based on the methodology used in our diploma courses students are evaluated through case studies developed in class and also through individual and group projects allowing students to learn in a real situation each of the concepts taught in the modules.

        The grading system is based on a 20-point grading scale.  The minimum passing grade is 11 and applies to all the Diploma and In-House courses offered by the Business Training Centre.

        The final grade of each diploma course will be the average of the grades obtained in each module.  Students will be promptly informed of their grades.


        8.       What is the attendance policy in the diploma courses?

        Students may be absent to a maximum of 20% of all sessions in each course or module.  In case of exceeding this limit the student will fail the corresponding module invalidating any grades on the records (DPI).


        9.       What kind of certificate do I obtain from the diploma course?

        Students who pass and learn the concepts taught throughout the diploma course will receive a certificate mentioning the chosen area.

        We will grant LCC’s Certificates to students who successfully pass all the modules and who attend 80% of the sessions.


        10.   How much does a diploma course cost?

        The total cost per diploma course is:

        For members                    S/. 2,300.00                       

        For non-members          S/. 2,850.00         


        11.   Do you provide payment facilities?

        You can pay by installments:

        For 5-month courses

        Frequency: Monday and Wednesday – Tuesday and Thursday  

        Member                         Down payment: S/. 510.00 + 4 Installments of: S/. 510.00                          

        Non-member                  Down payment: S/. 620.00 + 4 Installments of: S/. 620.00                          

        For 7-month courses

        Frequency: Saturdays

        Member                         Down payment: S/. 370.00 + 6 Installments of: S/. 370.00                          

        Non-member                  Down payment: S/. 460.00 + 6 Installments of: S/. 460.00

        For 10-month courses

        Frequency: Friday

        Member                         Down payment:  S/. 260.00 + 9 installments of: S/. 260.00

        Non-member                  Down payment: S/. 320.00 + 9 installments of: S/. 320.00


        12.   What is a seminar?

        Seminars are short-length courses which offer students the possibility of updating their knowledge on specific topics in a chosen field.

        Throughout the seminars students will be able to manage a specific business topic in just 9, 12, or 15 academic hours.

        In this way those students who do not need to deepen their knowledge on all areas of business management but wish to focus on a specific topic will benefit by saving time and money. They can perform a seminar in a short period of time (once, twice or three times a week).

        13.   Which is the seminar’s timetable?

        Taking into consideration our students’ schedule we offer the seminars from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the following days:

            Monday and Friday

        Tuesday and Thursday

        Friday only

        Saturday only

        For people who are unable to attend from Monday to Friday due to work commitments we offer seminars on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


        14.   What kind of certificate do I obtain from the seminars?

         The LCC will grant “Certificates of Attendance” to students who attend 80% of the sessions.

        If a seminar has more than 24 hours it will be considered a course. Therefore students will need to pass the course in order to obtain the “Certificate of Approval”.


        15.   How much does a seminar cost?

        Its cost depends on the number of hours.

        COST     Depending on the No. of hours:

        From 6 to 9 hours

        Member                                S/. 200.00

        Non-member                         S/. 250.00

        From 12 to 16 hours

        Member                                S/. 300.00

        Non-member                         S/. 370.00

        From 18 to 24 hours

        Member                                S/. 400.00

        Non-member                         S/. 500.00


        16.   What are in-house courses?

        In-house courses are training programmes designed to fulfill a company or institution’s specific assistance needs.

        We analyze real case studies from the company’s activity.  These courses are designed by the Business Training Centre’s staff.  For each training programme it is proposed to obtain “products” which apply all the concepts acquired in class to the company or institution’s reality. This analysis must be included in a final report.


        17.   When and where In-house courses are performed?

        We schedule our In-house courses based on the company’s requirements.  Classes can be given at the company’s office or in our modern classrooms totally equipped ready to be used in each session.


        18.   How much does an in-house course cost?

        Its cost depends on the following: how many hours the programme involves, number of students and the venue. This information is provided by the company under a direct coordination.

        When we submit the course syllabus we will include its quotation.


        19.   Who are considered as part of the teaching staff of the LCC’s Business Training Centre?

        Our teaching staff are highly qualified professionals with academic background and managerial experience in their field of expertise.  They have been recruited considering the following professional profile: 

        They have a huge experience in their field. Our (presenters) exhibitors’ professional experience is directly related to the topics to be developed in the sessions. They have developed programmes and motivational courses on business management.

        Their expertise makes them suitable to perform Diploma courses, Seminars, and In-house courses.

        They have a wide executive experience.  Due to the methodology features of the programmes performed by the LCC our exhibitors(presenters) are prepared to develop each session using a theoretical and practical methodology.  Their executive expertise enables them to develop programmes based on an experience perspective.

        They have over 5 years of teaching experience.


        20.   Where is our main office located?

        Our headquarter is located at Av. Giuseppe Garibaldi No. 396 Jesús María (Ex Av. Gregorio Escobedo) - Jesús María (4th floor).


        21.   How do I contact the LCC’s Business Training Centre?

        To contact the LCC’s Business Training Centre please call the following telephones: (511) 219-1617 or (511) 219-1616, or send an email to: or


        22.   How can I obtain information about the programmes?

        To obtain information you may send an email to or by calling the following telephones: (511) 219-1616, (511) 219-1617, (511) 219-725, (511) 219-1613.

        23.   How may I have access to the Employment Opportunities and Applying Online?

        All you need to do is attend our seminars, courses, and diploma courses. Access our website and request your password.

        24.   What is the procedure of registration in a training programme?

        Please, follow these steps:

        Send this form by email to: or by fax to (511) 219-1614, to Mr. Carlos Torres. As followed you must pay the corresponding tuition fee using any of the following options:

        The total amount or down payment may be paid in cash, by credit card, or by direct payment to the current account in soles No. 193-0112800-0-93 with Banco de Crédito del Perú or by check payable to the Camara de Comercio de Lima [Tax ID No. 20101266819].  Send the deposit slip by email or fax.

        In case of paying by installments, payments must be signed for each installment and paid in the bank indicated according to the payment schedule and using single codes issued by the bank.  After the payment has been done an invoice or receipt will be issued as requested.

        Dropping out is accepted 24 hours in advance.

        Note: The onset of a diploma course depends on the number of students registered. 


        Contact Persons

        Names E-Mail Phone Position Office

        TorresRivarola (511) 219-1613

        Training Manager

        Jesús María

        Juan Carlos
        Puente de la Vega Figueroa (511) 219-1751

        Academic Coordinator

        Jesús María
        Andrea Cunyas Sánchez

        (511) 219-1724 Training Analyst Jesús María

        Janet Huanasca Rivas

        (511) 219-1724

        Virtual Course Coordinator

        Jesús María

        NoraSalazar Luque (511) 219-1616

        Telemarketing Assistant

        Jesús María

        MaricelaQuinto La Riva (511) 219-1617

        Business Executive Training

        Jesús María
        Anai Proaño Sánchez (511) 219-1725 Business Executive Training Jesús María

        Alicia Morales Soto (511) 523-2646


        Los Olivos

        Evelyn Castillo Mallqui

        (511) 219-1510

        Training Assistant

        Santa Anita



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