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        LCC’s Commissions




        Labor affairs

        President: Dr. Raúl Lozano

        Technical Secretary: Víctor Zavala


        Telephone: 219 1588

        It makes proposals and recommendations responding to labor issues faced by companies, and seek Peru’s labor legislation to promote development and competitiveness, especially for small businesses which account for over 98% of productive units of our country.

        LCC acts as an adviser to governmental and non-governmental organizations, supporting projects which promote good labor management for businesses and workers.


        Maritime, Port and Customs Affairs

        President: Mr. Alberto Ego Aguirre Yañez

        Technical Secretary: Oscar Quiñones


        Telephone: 219-1860

        Actively participates in different working groups of public and private sector, identifying bureaucratic obstacles in export shipments of SUNAT / Customs, as well as port, airport costs and overruns, among others, in order to take actions which allow us to be more competitive; positioning it as a referent of opinion within the executive and legislative branches, among other authorities and institutions linked to the sector.

        Seeks to raise awareness to authorities and port community about importance and need for an adequate infrastructure and access routes to main ports and airports. Promotes LCC as channeling business opportunities between business and port community, and reports the need for contingency plans to deal with natural disasters and environmental pollution prevention in the process of cargo transportation.


        State Contracting

        President: Mr. Raúl Barrios

        Technical Secretary: Giuliana Villalobos


        Telephone: 219-1876

        Analyzes and proposes improvements on public procurement system, also issues opinions on different initiatives influencing on sector regulation. Its proposals are aimed at achieving balance between suppliers and buyers in the legislation, promoting transparency of processes and more participation of bidders.


        Development of Women Entrepreneurs

        President: Mrs. Yolanda Torriani

        Technical Secretary: Jorge Villar


        Telephone: 219 1822

        It raises awareness on women entrepreneurs of micro, small, medium and large companies, about the importance of ethics, leadership and training in personal and business development, introducing them to new challenges in the business world; as well as the challenge of being a leader of opinion to public authorities and private sector.

        It also seeks to establish strategic alliances with related institutions and national and international public-private associations in the sector, strengthening the positioning and leadership of the committee and the guild, by conducting business meetings, forums, events and training workshops for women entrepreneurs, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of family as an engine of development in the organization and business.


        Institutional Image

        President: Mr. Bernardo Furman

        Technical Secretary: Nilda Zavaleta


        Telephone: 219 1818

        Acts as a consultant, it proposes and evaluates policies, plans and strategies of communication and public relations appropriate to consolidate the positioning of LCC as a serious business association, reliable, dynamic and representative in national and international business community, and Peruvian society.

        Its main functions are aimed at: management and dissemination of business information in a fast and simple way to be easily understood by public opinion; promote LCC image as a strong business leader to the media, employers and government entities; advise communication strategies between LCC and its stakeholders (government, media, opinion leaders, political, economic and business organizations, civil society and international organizations).


        Environment and Enterprise

        President: Mr. Jorge Pérez Taiman

        Technical Secretary: Yusith Vega


        Telephone: 219-1733

        It promotes the application of environmental practices that come to be translated into concrete actions within companies and to reduce the environmental impact, guaranteeing their sustainability over time; and raising awareness on entrepreneurship about the importance of developing a sustainable economy.

        It focuses on the responsible and efficient water and energy use; solid resources management; use and promotion of clean energy; promoting sustainable economic models, and corporate environmental management. This is managed from a social and corporate responsibility perspective.



        President: Mr. Sandro Fuentes

        Technical Secretary: Victor Zavala


        Telephone: 219-1588

        Plays an important role in the planning, dissemination and defense of the rights of associates and taxpayers in general, presenting specific proposals to Congress, Central Government and SUNAT aimed at improving the tax system to promote business development and highlighting possible opportunities for improvement in the system.

        Conducts regular monthly meetings and special meetings focused on the study, analysis and dissemination of proposed and approved tax measures by proposing guidelines to sustain the possibility of tax law changes.


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