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        Our History


        On April 20th, 2017, the Lima Chamber of Commerce commemorated its 129th anniversary. It was founded in 1888.

        The Pacific War had led to a series of economic, political, and social conflicts in Peru that were experienced in the years following  1880.  Due to these events the entrepreneurs who were involved in the productive and commercial activity decided to found the Lima Chamber of Commerce in order to contribute to national reconstruction.

        The LCC’s guiding principles are the defense of the private sector initiatives, the free enterprise in a social market economy, the fiscal balance, the transparent management of public resources, the legal security, investment and savings, and their adherence to democracy and respect for human rights. They have always shown their constant concern for the economic and social development of the country.

        The LCC has been a pioneer of the Arbitral Justice, the Corporation Tax Collector (SUNAT’s antecedent), the Banking Act, and the establishment of the Deposit and Consignment Office that led to the founding of the National Bank and the Trade, Customs and Merchant Marine codes. 

        In addition, the LCC played a key role in the basis of the General Corporation Law, the Securities Act, the Criminal Code, the Tax Code, the National Registry for Protested Bills and a large number of laws designed to encourage production, domestic and foreign trade and to strengthen the country’s tax system.

        The LCC’s National Prominence

        It is within this context that since its founding the Lima Chamber of Commerce has become very prominent on a national level. The LCC keeps defending the rights of the companies and their members and guiding them towards the proper performance of their duties and their contributions for the improvement of the economic and business regulations, in order to encourage a suitable public and private management.

        On several occasions the LCC has advocated in the defense of business management and democracy when powerful interests attempted to infringe on the principles of private enterprise, free market and civil liberties.

        With over 129 years of existence the LCC reaffirms the principle of maintaining the freedom to produce, sell and compete in order to ensure the sustainable economic growth.

        In recognition of the LCC’s excellent business performance, on its 105th anniversary in 1993 it was formally established through the Supreme Resolution RS 132-93-PCM that on April 20th of every year (LCC’s foundation date) would be known as Trade Day.

        Recent Awards and Distinctions

        As a result of this productive work the LCC has received several awards and recognitions at the national and international level. Over the past decade in 2001 the LCC was designated as the business association that best fulfills its mission according to a survey developed by the University of Lima’s PERUMETRO.

        In 2002 the LCC received the Special Award for Business Creativity in Customer Service in the contest organized annually by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and sponsored by the newspaper El Comercio, Canal N and Radio Programas del Perú.

        At the international level, in 2003 our institution was considered among the top four Chambers of Commerce in the world “due to the excellent results obtained in the implementation of its Enterprise Services Integrated Project” in the annual contest of the World Chamber Federation that brings together over 11,000 chambers of commerce from around the world.

        An Important Step Towards Excellence

        In March 2013 the Lima Chamber of Commerce renewed its ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for three more years. With this certification the LCC became a member of the Quality Management System obtaining national and international recognition as an institution committed to provide high-quality business services and the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction.

        The LCC received ISO 9001:2008 certification renewal for maintaining international standards in the processes of its National and International Arbitration Centre, its Certification Centre and its National and International Business Roundtable Service Centre.

        Source of Distinguished Public Figures

        The LCC’s history as one of the leading groups with wide representation throughout the country was always linked to the destiny of Peru. This is not only because it contributed decisively to the institutionalism but also many of its directors and officials assumed important positions in the governance as well as the highest responsibilities on the Nation.

        Its founder and first president Pedro Correa y Santiago was Lima’s mayor. He was elected as representative in Congress in 1873 and became Minister of Finance in 1885.  Manuel Candamo Iriarte who headed the LCC from 1896 to 1902 was elected President of Peru in 1903. The first LCC’s General Secretary in 1888 was Mr. José Antonio de Lavalle y Pardo. He was named Minister of Justice and Worship in 1896. The LCC’s Legal Advisor in 1939 was Mr. Geraldo Arosemena Garland. He was also named Minister of Justice and Worship in 1962. The LCC’s first Economic Studies Centre was established in 1949 and its founder and director was Mr. Rómulo Ferrero Rebagliati. He was named Minister of Finance in 1945.

        Vigorous, Modern and Contemporary

        More than 129 years have passed and the Lima Chamber of Commerce preserving its guiding principles bequeathed by its founders, remaining vigorous, modern and contemporary.  In a changing and increasing globalization, the LCC today not only has one of the most modern business complex in the country but also has aligned itself with cutting-edge technological platforms by adapting to the competitiveness and the internationalization trade requirements.  

        LCC’s Historical Record

        The productive trajectory of this outstanding chamber has been recorded by notable historians. Jorge Basadre and Rómulo Ferrero collected in a book the history of the LCC’s first 75 years since its founding in 1888 until 1938 and from 1939 to 1962 respectively.

        Franklin Pease wrote the LCC’s history from 1963 to 1990 and Margarita Giesecke described its development from 1991 to 2004. The three volumes have been condensed into a book published in 2008 that includes the LCC’s media presence during its first 120 years of history.

        Lima, May, 2017


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