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        The Lima Chamber of Commerce is divided into a number of Trade Committees, each focused on specific business communities. Each Committee elects annually its own Board of Directors within the first two weeks of April and it has its own regulations which are in accordance with the purposes and bylaws of the LCC. The Committee's Director will represent each committee to the LCC’s Board of Directors as the Committee’s President. If the representative is unable to perform his duty, whoever holds the immediate lower hierarchical position will act as a Director as long as he is eligible to be in charge.

        Once the maximum number of sixteen Committees is covered, any requests for creating new committees will result on the formation of Subcommittees incorporate to a Committee related to its activity. Each sector will be represented on the Board of Directors by the President or representative of the Committee which they form part of.

        LCC’s members are entitled to belong to several trade guilds when they develop different activities. The LCC’s Comittees and Subcommittees are:

        Electrical Appliances Merchants’ Committee


        Retail and Distribution Committee


        Infrastructure, Industrialized building and Engineering Committee



        Committee of Importers and Distributors of Chemicals

        Committee of Health - COMSALUD


        Peruvian Committee of Cosmetics and Hygiene - COPECOH

        Committee of Importers of Machinery, Equipment, Spare Parts and Tools


        Committee of Importers and Merchants of Wines, Liqueurs and Other Beverages

        Committee to Protect Crops - PROTEC


        LCC's Committee of Small Business - COPE

        Committee for Information Technology and Communications


        Foreign Trade Committee -

        Services Committee


        Tourism Committee - COMTUR




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