Today is Friday, June the 5, 2020


        President’s Message



        I appreciate the generosity of the associates of the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the new Board of Directors for entrusting me with the honor to lead the Lima Chamber of Commerce, dean of business associations and the most representative of Peru, during  the 2017-2018 period.

        Along with the new Board of Directors that I am honored to preside, I assume the leadership of the Lima Chamber of Commerce with faith and optimism for a better Peru.

        We do so with high responsibility to continue working for the progress of this institution and to keep pace with the achievements of all administrations that preceded ours.

        Consistent with the views expressed, I will work tirelessly with the Board, for the continuous improvement of our support services, care and support of our 14,000 associates and the entrepreneurship excellence.

        Thus, we assume the challenge to continue contributing to the economic and social development of our country, and to defend and respect the fundamentals of the social market economy and the principles of freedom and democracy.

        Our task summons us to continue the contribution for the country. It requires, for example, to make adjustments in order to accelerate investments that will allow to increase the production and to generate job opportunities so that every peruvian could enjoy the benefits of this growth.

        It is therefore necessary to eliminate huge bureaucratic barriers which do not allow private sector investments in our country. Those bureaucratic barriers impede the generation of wealth and work, prevent tax contribution and, worse, they encourage corruption.

        Thus, it is the private sector mission to work with authorities in search of greater economic development that will lead to a reduction of poverty in Peru.


        Mr. Mario Mongilardi


        Lima Chamber of Commerce


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