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        Taxation, Labor Affairs, Administrative Law, and Public Procurement


        The LCC offers legal assistance in different business matters such as taxation, labor affairs, commercial agreements, corporate issues, state procurement, consumer protection, intellectual property, among others. We work with a highly qualified staff of top-level lawyers dedicated to assist our members.


        our Services

        Legal Advice. Attention to queries by telephone call, face to face meetings or by emails.

        Institutional Reviews. Feedback and press releases on different draft or business legislation.

        Incorporation of Companies. Assistance on how to incorporate a new company in Peru.

        Daily Legal Briefing.  Summary of most relevant business regulations and standards published in the newspaper El Peruano

        Conferences and seminars. Provides outreach events on corporate legal issues.

        Peru's Business and Investment Guide.



        In which consists the Incorporation of companies’ service offered by the LCC?

        The LCC’s Business Formalization Programme is aimed to encourage the incorporation of companies in the shortest period of time and at a social tariff which is achieved by optimizing processes through strategic alliances with notaries associated to our institution.


        The service includes:

        Search and reserve of the company name.

        Development of the Incorporation act.

        Payment of notarial and registration fees.

        Registration for obtaining the Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC)


        The requirements are:

        Copy of the participants ID (partners, member’s spouses, representatives, and representative’s spouses). If the representative is foreign it will require his passport with a special permission to execute agreements and his alien’s card.

        Two possible names for the company and their abbreviations if it is applicable;

        Brief description of the activities to be developed in the company.

        Amount of the capital stock (indicate if the contributions by partner are in cash or assets. If it is in assets the following features must specified: brand, model and serial numbers, among others).

        Indicate who will be the company’s CEO (may be a partner or a third party)
        Its cost is S/.550.00 (if the following features are accomplished: company’s capital stock does not exceed S/.6,000.00, there is only one legal representative, and it does not have a board of directors).

        Can a foreigner incorporate a company in our country?

        Yes if it is the case of a foreign partner (natural person). They must attach a copy of the immigration’s card, the business visa or the authorization to execute agreements issued by DIGEMIN. If it is applicable you may attach the power of attorney granted to a third party to represent you in the signing of the deed.

        In the case of domestic or foreign partners (legal entities) is required the agreement of the corporate body which adopted the measure mentioned and the power of attorney granted to the person who will sign the deed on behalf of the company.


        Which are the steps that I should follow to register in the National Supplier Registry (RNP in Spanish)?

        Any company wishing to bid in the State’s selection processes must be registered in the National Supplier Registration (RNP –  For this registration you must pay the corresponding fee (legal entities S/.326.50) at any authorized bank (Banco de Crédito, Banco de la Nación, Banco Continental) specifying the following information:


        Type of registration: products, services or products and services.

        Company’s Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC in Spanish).

        The supplier will have access to the electronic form in 2 working days after the payment was made.  For which the supplier must access to the OSCE website (RNP icon – RNP mail) and type the company’s Taxpayer Identification Number (user) and the transaction number find on the voucher (password). In the inbox which is automatically created the supplier will receive an e-mail containing a code that has been assigned.


        After the code is obtained proceed to register. Fill all the fields requested (RNP Procedures Icon) in order to tax them. By clicking on “Complete Information” your transaction will be considered automatically approved.


        A day after you accessed to "Complete Information" the process will begin. You will be able to download the Certificate of Registration as State’s Supplier through the RNP’s website ( Afterwards you must print the record by typing the company’s Tax Identification Number. Then you will have access to your Electronic Certificate of Registration which is valid for one year.


        Recall that within a maximum period of 30 working days this application will go through a Control of Requirements. During this term you will receive an electronic notification with the results of this investigation.


        Once the registration in the RNP is concluded, you should look for different procurement options in the Electronic State Procurement Service (SEACE - where are recorded all the notifications from public entities


        The following step is to search in SEACE ( if there is any open notice related to your company’s activity. Notifications for 2012 will be published in the first half of January.


        For searching you must enter option number 3 “Selection process”. If you find any interesting notification which fulfills your expectations you may apply in accordance with the procedure’s regulations.


        In addition the LCC has implemented the programme “Become a State’s Supplier” which helps the supplier providing by email all the open notifications related to his company’s activity.


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